ENVIRO Bricks®


ENVIRO Bricks®

They are RV perfect! Fits in all storage areas!

The ENVIRO Bricks® can be burned in fireplaces, wood stoves, camp fires or any place that would normally burn cord wood. The bricks are packaged to make them easy to store and transport.

ENVIRO Bricks® are made mostly of hard woods. They burn hotter (from 9,000 to 14,000 BTU's per brick depending on the species of hardwood), longer, and with less smoke than cord wood. Plus ENVIRO Bricks® emit fewer particles into the air, while leaving less ash. There are no additives, such as glue or harmful chemicals, in ENVIRO Bricks®.

ENVIRO Brick Pricing: $5.00 per bundle, $275 per pallet.
A pallet holds 95 bundles and can be stored with us. We will keep track of the bundles used from the pallet and let you know when you are running low!

Scheid's Enterprises of Middlefield is now accepting HEAP! Call our office for more details!

Alternative Fuel for Home, RV and Trailer

EnviroBricks are additive free, kiln-dried, compressed hardwood bricks used for home heating fuel in wood burning stoves, wood burning fireplaces, outdoor fire-pits, camping and cooking.

  • Easy, clean storage with no bugs and less debris.
  • Burns hotter, longer and creates less smoke, ash and
    creosote than cordwood.
  • BTUs of 1-42”x48”x34” skid EnviroBricks compare to BTUs
    of 1-48”x48”x96” cord of well seasoned fire wood.
Cordwood Alternative