HeatWorx Electric Heaters

Weather Your Next Ohio Winter With HeatWorx


Buy Electric HeaterHeatWorX™ was engineered and developed by a world class manufacturing facility, chosen for their many years of proven and reliable products. HeatWorX uses top quality parts and craftsmanship to provide a product that not only performs, but is safe. Our customers can "rest easy" without concern for poor quality that can lead to fires. ~ Tip-over and overheat sensors ~

  • No expensive quartz bulbs that break and need replaced!
  • Exclusive airMAX Efficient Flow Technology™
  • Provides an approximate 25% air flow increase over other portable zone heater models. The internal air chamber builds up and stores warm air generated from the ceramic, infrared heating element prior to "forcing" the air out into your room. Once this "forced" warm air is released into the room you'll experience much better distribution of warm air, heating your area faster and more thorough.

Money Saving Feature

When HeatWorX™ is initially turned on there is a gradual increase in power that safely protects your electrical outlet from being overloaded. HeatWorX™ will operate on "Hi" 1,500 watt setting until your area reaches your desired temperature...then automatically regulate itself to a "Lo" 1,000 watt setting while it maintains your room temperature.

Heater with Digital Timer

Set your HeatWorX™ to turn on and off at certain times or...Set to your desired temperature and forget about it!

• Healthy infrared heat keeps your living area warm and comfortable without drying out your skin!
• Even and consistent heat from floor to ceiling!
• Savings due to using less energy to create heat!
• Digital thermostat for accuracy!
• Remote control for convenience!
• Will not dry out your environment!
• Will not cause dry, itchy skin!
• Will not dry out your eyes or the mucus in your nose!
Heat basements, children's rooms, or quickly heat a seldom used guests room!
Lower your thermostat...Stay comfortable in your living area!

Specifications:HeatWorx Distributor Middlefield

Heats up to 1000 square feet
Product Dimensions:16-1/2” H x 13-1/16” W x 15-1/2” D
Product Weight: 25 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 18-3/4” H x 18-5/16” W x 15-7/8” D
Shipping Weight: 28 lbs
1000 (lo) and 1500 (hi) watt modes
Up to 12.5 amps
Approximately 6ft. AC cord
Easy to clean filter
High volume airMAX™ airflow for more efficient heating
Master power switch on rear for added safety
Built in memory feature
Remote control included
Fahrenheit and Celsius modes
Temperature Range: 40-90 F (14-32C)
Digital temperature sensor
24 on / off timer
Overheat sensor
Tip over sensor
Heating Element: Ceramic Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC)

2 Year “Quality Assurance” Warranty!
State of the art ceramic PTC Heating element with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
No expensive quartz bulbs to break or replace!
Heats rooms faster due to the exclusive airMAX Efficient FLOW Technology™
Quiet operation!
Staggered start-up to prevent spikes!
Simple and easy to use controls with a large display!
Memory mode – remembers settings prior to power outages and resumes operation preceding a power outage!
High Mode – heat an area quickly by using full power!
Low Mode – heat your area efficiently and maintain temperature by using 2/3 power!
24 hour timer that you can program according to your needs!
Portable, lightweight, wheeled design makes it easy to move from room to room!
Memory sensor

Perfect for when you are away!
Remembers settings prior to power outage...returns to those settings once power is restored.