Equipment, Vehicles, & More

At Scheid’s Enterprises of Middlefield,  we offer car trailers, RV parts and accessories that are recognized for their durability and performance. We also sell a number of used cars, used trucks and other vehicles as well as vehicle accessories. Inventory is continuously changing, so please call our fill out our contact us form.

New & Pre-Owned Items For Sale: Please view the options in the drop down menu under “Equipment, Vehicles, & More” to see some of our current stock. Due to an ever changing nature of our inventory, contact us to find out more about our currently in stock items for sale, and updated pricing and availability.

Lightweight Aluminum Car Trailers That Fit In Your Garage: Are you a car collector, a hobbyist or have an antique or show car that you need to haul to events?  Our aluminum trailers are the highest quality, best value for the price.  Aluminum is lightweight, long lasting, durable, doesn’t rust and is virtually maintenance free so you can spend time on the car, not the trailer!

Vehicle Accessories: Scheid's Enterprises also carries various vehicle and other accessories where you can shop from in this section.